SHENARO celebrates the essence of the modern Indian woman. It brings to her the finest offerings, to complement her every mood and facet, and to revel in her unique persona smile.

SHENARO | Lifestyle is a young and vibrant company that aims to provide good quality products and to epitomize all the fun of shopping with great people, rather than products in a secure, responsive and completely reliable way.

 We have also been holding private Exhibitions of exclusive lucknawi suits and contemporary jewellery which is primarily exported & is not readily available in the Indian market. There are different Pakistani brands of suits with laces and intricate work in georgettes which also we are dealing in. These suits are imported directly from Pakistan.
We plan to do evening gowns and dresses very soon.

 We at SHENARO would like to extend to you this invite to have a look at the collection in the ambience and comfort of your home. We will aim at providing a hassle free and enjoyable shopping experience to shoppers across the country with the widest range of Lifestyle brands and products on our portal.


The brand SHENARO would make a conscious effort to bring the power of fashion to shoppers with an array of the latest and trendiest products available in the country yet keeping the interest of a housewife/a small entrepreneur /a hardworking individual, all these in mind because we have realised how important it is to help folks around the world to gain funding to help kick-start their own small businesses to fulfil their dreams & passions.


SHENARO Lifestyle value proposition revolves around giving consumers the power and ease of purchasing fashion and lifestyle products online with the power of Internet.

SHENARO focuses on products with unique, high quality craftsmanship; unmistakably local designs that feel at home anywhere in the world. Our products would include home decor, accessories, jewellery, apparel, gifts, vintage items and more.


SHENARO| Lifestyle aims to provide a plethora of styles and sizes catering to every woman’s needs and wants by a woman!


SHENARO is living and SHENARO is an eternal optimist, who you will see juggling between passion and pursuit of positivity in years to come.